“If I hadn’t done the Egoscue exercises at the Pebble Beach tournament I would have been unable to play. I had a torn meniscus, I couldn’t walk, I was in pain, I couldn’t swing. Oscar Gonzales came over from San Jose.. and I was able to walk 18 holes 3 days in a row and I would have really stayed in bed. So if you’re in pain, I would give it a shot… it’s better than pain”

Bill Murray 
2011 AT&T Golf ProAm Champion

“My family and I have trusted Oscar with a variety of rehab and performance enhancing regimens.We have found his expertise and professionalism to be outstanding and would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking a better quality of life. 

Trent Dilfer
Super Bowl XXXV Champion

Hi Oscar, I want to thank you for many things.  First you have done such a great job with my back that I have little pain if at all.  I all so like being fit again or shall I say I’ve got a ways to go but you certainly put me on the right path.  Last I want to say you are a terrific person and you are always there for me.  I’m not leaving and I’m coming back as I still need you to help make me feel 20 years younger.  Thank you for your concern, your friendship, and your amazing technique.  I haven’t felt this way in 20 years

Bernie Kotansky

I have had back related problems for a number of years.  All kinds of therapies produced little in the way of results.  Oscar has been a real savior for me.  He is very knowledgeable, patient, and actually fun to work with.  The exercise routines he has developed for me have made a major improvement in my conditions.  I would highly recommend him to anyone with any type of muscle or physical pain condition.  With his approach, many types of problems will improve without the need for more invasive procedures that many other practitioners would advise.  Oscar is always available for consultations by phone, email, or Skype.  This has been very useful to me when I have been traveling. He has my highest recommendation.

Bob Kaplan

Oscar and his methods have accomplished what just working out, could not.  At first, I was in pretty bad shape with my hips and posture.  Within about 2 months, I had accomplished great changes in my posture, strength and lack of pain.  I would highly recommend Oscar.

Dick Brown

I have worked with Oscar for several years with different injuries.  Oscar is well qualified and is able to help alleviate pain.  He is professional and caring.  The program exercises are very helpful to restore the body to health. I would highly recommend Oscar. 

Sally Kadell

I came to Oscar for a bad lower back that had been bothering me for years due to playing a lot of golf.  I signed up for the series of 8 treatments and right from the beginning I realized relief and significant improvement in my back pain.  Prior to Oscar I had seen a few Chiropractors and had some moderate success but the relief was short lived until my next visit.  Now with Oscar and his method I am playing more golf than ever with no pain the next day or week.  I can play several days in a row now as before his treatments if I played more than two days in a row my back was very sore and tight.  I was skeptical when I first heard about the Egoscue method but now I am a true believer of this and Oscar.  I would recommend anyone to Oscar and his method.

Ralph Constanzo

We have worked with Oscar off and on for the past 3 years, and I highly recommend him for problems with the back and major joints.  He is very knowledgeable and seems to always apply the right treatment to get me back to feeling OK again.  Also excellent on an ongoing basis to improve your posture and body alignment.

Wade Meyerchord

I had back pain that was limiting how much I could golf (I have a couple of bad disks in my lower back).  After every practice or round I would be hurting.  I could never practice or play two days in a row.  I took a group class with Oscar to see if it would help, not really expecting much.  After the class I went to the driving range for my usual practice and when I finished I realized I didn’t hurt at all!  I quickly signed up with Oscar for a set of private sessions.  Within a month of following his routines I was practicing and playing pain free.  It’s been about 3 months now and I can practice all I want and play multiple days in a row.  Oscar has made a tremendous improvement in my life and I would highly recommend him to anyone with back pain.

Jim Crawford

Oscar has worked wonders for relieving what I thought were chronic aches in my neck and back!  I never dreamed that all I needed was specific exercises that I can do on my own!  I highly recommend Oscar Gonzales and the Egoscue Method!

Irene Webb

Oscar has helped me overcome my badly herniated disc injury since the spring of 2010.  I actually injured my back in June of 2008 as result of construction work stabilizing the foundation under our lake home and decades of sitting at a desk job (I am 65 years old).  I tried several methods of treatment to relieve the pain, but none provided lasting relief.  I could only walk about 30 feet before I would have to sit down.  I was determined not to have surgery on my back.  In February 2010, I was searching the internet for ideas when I came across the Egoscue website.  After contacting the San Diego headquarters, they referred me to Oscar in San Jose, where my daughter lives. At my first session, Oscar quickly determined why my disc ruptured and what changes would be needed to bring my body back into symmetry to eliminate the pain.  Oscar is able to clearly show me my bodily imbalances through the use of photos taken at every session.  So, over approximately 18 months, Oscar patiently worked with me on various exercise routines each designed to rectify a specific problem that contributed to my condition.  I liked that every bit of progress was addressing the root cause of my pain, not just treating the symptoms.  At each succeeding session Oscar’s photos showed how my body had changed.  After about 4-6 months of doing the exercise routines, my re-trained muscles moved my bones to where the pain just melted away.  I can now easily walk 5 miles, lift moderate weights and enjoy being active pain free. The past year or so, I have been in a maintenance mode returning once or twice a year to see Oscar just to keep myself “tuned-up”.  I see Oscar as a “miracle worker”, and I plan on using Oscar to help me with any musculoskeletal issues as long as he is in business. 

Doug Jayne

I have gone to Oscar for several years for treatment of back and foot pain due to arthritis.  No matter what is going on in my body he finds a way for me to be pain free. As long as I follow his plan of exercises each day my body becomes healthier and pain free.  I find he is wonderfully intuitive, supportive and very talented in designing a menu that is perfectly fits each person.  I hope he nevers stops being an Egoscue therapist.

Deborah Din

I have been working with Oscar and his techniques since last summer.  His knowledge of the human body and how the muscles work have helped me learn how to deal with my low back and sciatic issues.  I am now able to do so many things that I haven’t been able to comfortably do for a long time.  I have recommended Oscar to several of my friends without hesitation.

Linda Abbey

I was rocked by a back injury last year, had surgery and still had pain.  Everything I tried seem to give limited to no results.  My boss mentioned the Egoscue method and the Pain Free book.  Read the book and was very excited.  I found Oscar and with one session I was feeling the results.  He has the ability to read the body posture and give a series of exercise that removes the pain.  He has given me a new pain free body.  I love to ride mountain bikes, after working with Oscar I have been able to hit the trails hard and feel stronger than was before my back trouble.  He is very good at what he does, Oscar thank you.

William Jakyl

Watch Billy ride   

When I first came to Oscar at the Egoscue office I was in constant pain from my lower back.  It was a herniated disc.  I had been to a back doctor who put me on pain pills and gave me an epidural injection.  I was also treated by my chiropractor with little relief.  I was still stooped over and had constant pain.  I ceased to go shopping because it wasn’t worth the effort.  I was skeptical until Oscar gave me an exercise that immediately gave me significant relief.  I am now free of back pain.  Since I am 67 years old, I have since had hip and shoulder problems that the other doctors wrote off as arthritis.  Oscar has healed me of both problems.  I no longer feel that old age problems are insurmountable as long as I have Oscar in my corner.  I am so grateful my husband forced me to go to the clinic.

Sandra Egherman

I train cow horses for a living.  This kind of riding is very physical and hard on my lower back.  I injured my back galloping race horses as a kid.  I have lived with lower back pain for most of my life.  Getting to the point where I could not get out of bed, let alone train horses.  My father in-law met a lady that used Oscar’s method (she was in her 80’s) after she applied the method to her life, she was able to vacuum and live a fairly normal life.  So, my father in-law knew I struggled with back pain gave me a call and told me the story.  I got online and found Oscar.  I emailed Oscar, and got a response immediately.  By the time I found Oscar I could not even drive my car.  After my first appointment I could drive home pain free!  I continue with my exercises on a daily basis, and I have been pain free for 2 yrs.  I am stronger then I have been in years.  Thanks to Oscar I am living a normal pain free life.  Thank you Oscar!!!

Jennifer Ray